Persley Slalom

COVID-19 Statement

We really enjoyed our event in 2019 and will do our best to run an equally exciting slalom in 2021. At present information on this site may be incorrect due to the significant impact on the racing calendar of Coronavirus. We will provide an update as soon as reasonably possible after we recieve information and advice from governing bodies.

Welcome to our site.

It's great to hear that your considering attending our event. We had a very successful first year in 2019 and we are hoping to make the event even better this year.

We have an exciting course that is a great new location for division 2 and 3 paddlers to show off their skills. The course will be available for practice from 16:00 onwards on Friday afternoon. We will have a number of experienced paddlers from our club who will be available for anybody would like some tips on how to master the course.

Our course is situated in Aberdeen City and is a close commute to many nearby hotels and restaurants. In addition, paddlers can stay on-site at our camping facilities just downstream from the course. There are a number of nearby attractions that you may wish to visit before and after the event - check out Visit Aberdeen for more information. The summer weather will make this the perfect opportunity to explore Aberdeen and shire.

We'd really appreciate it if you could volunteer in any capacity, you can let us know in advance by contacting us at the email below. Volunteers are critical for the event to run smoothly and we would like to avoid any delays on the day.

We hope our site is able to answer all of your questions, however, don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

Many thanks,

Aberdeen Kayak Club